Energy Efficiency Equals A Home Sold

3 03 2011

Selling a home can really hit hard on sellers wallets, especially if upgrades or decor are needed to aid in getting the home in show ready state. On top of selling costs, utility costs are extra finances many sellers don’t factor in or are surprised by when it comes time for new buyers to sign the papers and they’re hit with an energy bill despite the home being vacant.

When sellers are selling a home they need to really focus on the environment and decor inside the home to inspire buyers yet plugged in cords, elaborate features and decorative lighting can take away from the aesthetic appeal and add up in utility bills. If the home is large or does have elaborate light fixtures or water features, buyers could start seeing hefty utility bills instead of seeing a well cared for and decorated home if extra steps are not taken.

For sellers who are worried about these costs (or who are concerned their potential buyers might be worried about these costs) consider switching out the current light bulbs with energy efficient light bulbs and install low-flow shower heads in all bathrooms. Unplug any and all appliances (televisions, toasters, blenders, hair dryers etc.) when the home isn’t being occupied or is vacant and make copies of carefully detailed energy bills. A common question asked by potential buyers is “How much do utilities run?” Sellers want to be honest at all times when it comes to costs such as these, however, taking extra steps to ensure the costs are the lowest as possible adds extra appeal.

On top of taking extra steps to keep costs low, invest money in checking the heating and cooling systems as well as the hot water tanks. Home buyers are required to have a home inspection prior to moving in and if HVAC systems or hot water heaters are not operating as efficiently as possible, the sellers might be asked to pay for the cost of repair or replacement, and which depending on the size of the home, could be very expensive.

Selling a home can be a fun experience if all boxes are checked and all necessary steps are taken. Being an energy efficient seller will not only appeal to buyers but to bank accounts as well!




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