Take These Steps Before You Sell

15 02 2011

A significant part of selling your home is coming up with a plan of action. Planning the sale must come before you make arrangements for repairs or schedule an open house. If you want the most money possible for your house, you have to be fully prepared to sell it. As part of your strategy, you must examine the reasons you want to sell your house. The common reason is the desire to buy another house somewhere else. If this is your case, amass a list of desirable neighborhoods and go to several open houses. Making price comparisons between newly constructed and older homes where you want to live helps to decipher the options available to you.

Begin by first interviewing a real estate broker. Do this as soon as you are sure that you want to sell your house. Don’t feel you are wasting a broker’s time by asking for a marketing plan that explains how the broker would market your property. Never select a broker because you like the price he or she suggests for your home. Some brokers will overbid on your home in the hopes of getting you to get a listing. Be careful not to get talked into inflating the price of your home because overpriced homes frequently ended up selling for less than their market value.

After you have enlisted the help of a qualified real estate professional, it is time to move out large and unattractive furniture and stage your home. You can save some money by doing this yourself, but in the end you might prefer to hire a professional stager to do the job. Staging is an effective way to display floor and wall space and to highlight the finer features of your home.

Choose your repairs carefully when getting your house ready to sell because not all repairs will help the sale of your home. Of course, if obvious repair issues have been overlooked, you must attend to those first. And finally, a good cleaning and a coat of paint will do wonders for rendering a fresh, clean appearance.




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