Real Estate Agents Face New Social Media Buzz

10 02 2011

It seems everyone is “liking” or “following” something these days in the world of social media and it’s becoming more often than not that a company will ask for a “Like” on Facebook over a visit to their website. Social media landing pages deliver customers, clients, friends and followers a “one-stop shop” for their favorite companies, their favorite services and their favorite stores. Instead of having a bookmark on their browser filled to the brim with websites, they can surf effortlessly on one platform and keep up to date on what’s going on and more importantly what promotions are happening. However, now trending in the world of social media is review sites such as Yelp! and reviews on Google and real estate  hasn’t been left behind.

Realtor review websites such as Incredible Agent and Real Estate Ratings have already been in the review mix for awhile and many real estate agents and realtors are well aware of their ratings and opinions of customers (if any are posted) that exist on these websites. New to the world of real estate review is Zillow.

Zillow adds a bit of a twist on things, however, which could be faced with possible opposition from real estate agents who aren’t as review or social media friendly. Zillow (in addition to allowing real estate agents to post listings) also allows customers to post reviews and ratings directly to the real estate agent–and not to the company. A positive and a negative for a company as it will highlight those agents that are receiving negative feedback without directly affecting the real estate company that agent is employed with.

Real estate agents who have high ratings and reviews might want to consider utilizing Zillow as a connection tool with clients and customers. Promoting their ratings, using their feed back on their websites or on their business cards. Real estate agents who are receiving less than stellar marks could view their reviews as a form of constructive criticisms and bring the poor ratings to the attention of their peers and discuss what be done to improve.

Social media review websites should be viewed as a positive tool, to be embraced by all real estate companies as just another outlet to directly connect with potential home buyers, home owners and sellers.

Linton Hall is a proud user of social media and encourages all of their customers, clients, friends and followers to connect!

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