Walking Alone in a Dark Forest – by Ashley Leigh

25 06 2010

Walking in a forest, especially by yourself as dusk approaches, can become a bit freighting.  Where nature was a moment ago beautiful and serene, it now feels dangerous.

The same is true with our real estate market.  Where it was a sure thing money-maker, it now presents itself with doubt and uncertainty.  The triple-threat of the weakening dollar, rising energy costs, and tight credit has slowed the real estate market.  Buyers are cautious and sellers are nervous.

Some sellers, seeing sales prices erode, are considering the sale of their home “by owner”?

Some “by owners” believe they can perform the same functions as a real estate professional, eliminating the need for representation. They soon learn the value of “third-party negotiations.” One of the most vital services I provide is the ability to field buyer objections without bias, countering them with offsetting benefits. This eliminates the tendency to cut price to maintain buyer interest.

Other owners believe they can save the brokerage fee, yet attempt to ask the same price as an active, seven-days-a-week marketing specialist. They don’t realize that many buyers who approach a “by owner” plan to save the same brokerage fee. They are often bargain-hunters too, or individuals not committed enough to consider contacting an agent.

Still other sellers learn the value of staying home 24 hours a day. Seriously motivated buyers rarely leave messages, nor do they call back if they don’t get an answer. That leaves the “by owner” with a dilemma … continue working or take leave from work to answer the phone.

Before taking a single step toward becoming a “by owner,” consider learning more about the process. It could save you time, precious equity, and considerable frustration.

Advertise your home for sale and buyers will come . . . or will they? How can you tell a buyer from a prospect, or a prospect from a “tire-kicker”? All may respond to your ad.

Consider another of my vital services. I know how to “qualify” those who respond to ads, signs, and other marketing promotions. I perform a critical screening process that eliminates inconvenience and wasted time.

As a buffer between you and buyers, I ask questions about motivation to make a purchase, and the financial ability to complete it. I ask about the buyer’s financial resources and capacity, and reasons for making a purchase.  I do not want to take your home off the active market if the buyer might not be able to fulfill their contractual obligations.

So, amazing things happen when I represent you. Your home is shown only to qualified prospects. Unmotivated tire-kickers are virtually eliminated. Prospects tend to be serious and ready to make a decision. Homes sell more quickly with fewer frustrating delays.

Why is representation so important? The most motivated, ready-to-buy, financially capable buyers prefer working with professionals such as me who show them properly priced, suitable properties. The unmotivated and unqualified time-wasters avoid contact with sales agents. Which would you prefer as the buyer for your home?

For example, have you ever tried selling a car by placing a classified ad? How did you feel when prospective buyers said the car wasn’t worth the asking price, and needed extensive repairs? Were you offended, or feel defensive?

When selling your home, you may hear the same objections, albeit more politely spoken. Do those comments mean you will have to reduce your price to achieve a sale? Absolutely not … especially if I represent you!

As I mentioned, one of my vital services is to act as a buffer between you and buyers. Because buyers offer their objections to the agent, in a neutral atmosphere, feelings are not offended, nor are defenses raised. I simply listen, and then address the buyers’ concerns in an objective manner.

Recognizing that certain features of the home may be attractive to the prospects, the features may be presented as offsetting benefits, thus neutralizing buyers’ concerns. This eliminates the need to offer price reductions as the only solution to objections. Your precious equity is protected and preserved.

Therefore, protect your home investment. Reward yourself with the benefits of my representation.  Call me today to learn more.




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