Manassas, Woodbridge, and Sterling on Foreclosure List

25 06 2007

500 Top foreclosure zip codes

Where the most foreclosures have been filed.

More than a quarter of all leading foreclosure zip cdes are in California but many of the worst-hit zip codes are in the Midwest. Ohio has 49 zip codes in the top 500, trailing only California and Florida, which has 72.

Michigan has 34, including four in the top 10. All of them are within Detroit city limits. 

Foreclosures: Hardest hit zip codes (With Va cities abstracted)

Zip Code City                  State  Default Notices Auction Notices Bank Repossessions Total Foreclosure Filings

22193    Woodbridge            Va      125           121          94                   340

22191     Woodbridge            Va      82              83          65                   230

20164     Sterling                   Va      71               49          49                   169

20110     Manassas                Va      71              56           58                   186





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