One Mans’ Castle Is Another Mans’ Dream

28 03 2007

I love dreaming big.  Every time the lottery gets huge, I dig in my ashtray and scrounge up a dollar to buy a ticket.  One in a trillion chance.  (Soooo, you’re saying there’s a chance!)  I lie in bed and dream of fast cars and beautiful mansions.  There is a cap to my imaginary bank account.  For example, I would never spend $20K on a watch, or $5K on a dog leash.  And I most definitely would not spend $138 Million on a house.  Someone sure will though, you better believe it.  That brings me to the Forbes annual list of the worlds priciest homes for sale.  (I just typed that with the worst Robin Leach accent ever!)  103 rooms, 22 bathrooms, and 50,000 square feet of “living” space.  Heh!  Living space.  So take a gander, and read the story here, taken from USA Today.




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