Son of “The Raging Bull”

16 03 2007

Who knew that realtors and movie stars were strange bedfellows?  Well, one realtor is at least.  It helps that his pops is a movie master.  If you see a listing by Raphael DeNiro, you better bet he is going to “do what he can” to “get the deal done” (If you’s know’s what I’m sayin’).

I’m sure by now you know that young Rafael is the son of “Bobby D”, Robert DeNiro.  30 year old Rafael tried the entertainment biz, but instead decided to try his grandparents profession.  Grandma & Grandpa were heavily involved in SoHo real estate.

His Uncle Jack is an agent in South Florida, and has several offices in New York.  Rafael took a real estate license course at NYU, and now has had clients as famous as Naomi Campbell and other celebrities.

 So don’t be surprised if you hear a realtor say, “You talkin to me?” 

Robert DeNiro, Taxi Driver





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