Buying a Home Can Be Like the Wild Wild West!

28 02 2007

So you are relocating to a new town. You want to find a home, but what do you do if you have never set foot in the new town? Here is a personal “lessons learned”.

It was October of 2004 and my wife and I were going through an exciting time. I had just accepted a job in Dallas, and we had one weekend to find our dream house. We flew in on Friday evening, and had no idea what to expect the next day.

When we knew the move was imminent, we immediately started cruising This would be our very first home purchase, and I was bent on making it perfect. Scrolling through the listings, it was as if a light came down from heaven, and picked a listing for me. Well, it wasn’t that awe inspiring, but close. I called the listing agent, but to our dismay, there was a contract on the house. The agent seemed nice enough. Outgoing, knowledgeable, and most importantly a very thick Texan accent. Feeling under a time crunch, we agreed that “Tex” would be our new realtor.

Saturday morning I called Tex to let him know we were ready to go. He gave us directions to his office, and smiling from ear to ear, we were on our way to destiny.

The office was plush, and I was starting to think I actually pulled this one off. After announcing our arrival, we sat in the cowskin chairs in the lobby. Around the corner came a huge man with a small shirt. Not overweight huge, but muscular huge. The kind of huge that makes you want to join a gym. We introduced ourselves, and he put his enormous can of energy drink down to shake our hands.

Tex had a problem with the word “dude”. He overused it. We feel like a hip couple, and I say dude sometimes, but this guy was compulsive. The butterflies started to fly in my stomach, and I could feel the glare that my wife was shooting my way. Too far to turn around now, we went off on our tour of homes.

I knew we were in trouble when Tex asked, “Yer’ truck or mine?” It was obvious that we wouldn’t be able to find our way around town, so he led us to his truck. Yes, truck.

We followed Tex to his truck, and there in our path was the biggest truck I have ever seen in my life. Huge tires and jacked up, blacked out windows with more than one antenna. I presume for the CB, but I digress. After I pushed my petite wife into the cab of the beast, I had to wait for Tex to clear the energy drink cans from the floorboard.

I could go on and on about this guy, even talk about his poor taste of music. But the point of my novella is, look before you leap. Do your homework. Not only on the area, but the agents that will be leading you into the darkness. After looking at 40 houses in two days, we did find our dream home. No thanks to Tex.

Y’all come back now!




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